Mintimer Shaimiev meets Zhanbolat Murzalin

12 August 2019, Monday

On August 12, at the Kazan Kremlin, Tatarstan State Counsellor Mintimer Shaimiev met newly appointed Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Kazan Zhanbolat Murzalin.

The Consulate General of the Republic of Kazakhstan was opened in Kazan in 2012. Since July 2019, Zhanbola Murzalin has took up the duties of the Consul General of Kazakhstan in Kazan. Previously, he worked as an adviser to the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Russia. 

Shaimiev congratulated Murzalin on the beginning of his activities in Tatarstan and wished him success.

The Consul General of Kazakhstan thanked Shaimiev for the meeting. “I am sure that all Kazakhs both in the Soviet and post-Soviet space know and respect you. Through you, I want to thank the Tatar people for their warm attitude to the Kazakh people,” he said.

“For centuries, friendship, fraternal relations and mutual understanding have developed between our peoples. Our task is to work towards their further strengthening,” Shaimiev emphasized.

Murzalin shared his impressions of visiting the ancient city of Bolgar and the island-town of Sviyazhsk

“As soon as I arrived, I visited Bolgar and Sviyazhsk right away. I was impressed with such an attentive attitude to history. Any people who want to develop in the modern world should know and show their history. Much has been done for visitors and tourists, the infrastructure is thought out, the roads are excellent both in Bolgar and in Sviyazhsk. Bolgar mausoleums are similar to historical mausoleums in Kazakhstan. I also liked Sviyazhsk - an unusual island city. I knew that you were the initiator, the ideological inspirer of this project, you implemented it, and now I have seen it personally. We need to adopt the rich experience of Tatarstan in the field of preservation of historical and cultural heritage,” Murzalin added.

Since Kazakhstan has successfully implemented a multilingual education system based on the experience of Cambridge, Oxford and other world universities recently, Shaimiev was interested in the experience of working with multilingual educational complexes in Kazakhstan, where children learn three languages, including Kazakh as a state one, Russian as a language of interethnic communication and English as a language of successful integration into the global economy.

During their conversation, State Counsellor of the republic and the Consul General of Kazakhstan in Kazan noted the dynamic development of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Tatarstan in the field of economy, culture, science and education.

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