Chronicle of events

Mintimer Shaimiev holds meeting on topical issues of activity of the “Revival” Regional Foundation

On October 12, at the Kazan Kremlin, State Counsellor of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev held a meeting on topical issues of activity of the “Revival” Regional Foundation.

The meeting discussed the need for timely completion of works according to the plan of the current. Also, it was noted that some parties involved in the development of “Silk way” transnational nomination should intensify their efforts and some scientific organization are ready to take part in the project.

Vice-president of ICOMOS committee, pro-rector of Kazan institute of culture Rafael Valeev, who took part in the event, told about preliminary works being conducted by scientists on the reparation of “Silk way” transnational nomination. He noted that Russian leadership set a task that Russia should be in top five countries with the biggest number of UNESCO sites by 2030. Currently, Russia ranks ninth in this regard. Valeev informed that the length of the Great Silk way is 7,700 km, and the Russian corridor unites 40 regions of the country.  

Rafael Valeev told about results of multi-year research of Tatarstan scientists and cooperation with international organization in this sphere. The scientific community of the republic is ready to bring certain proposals regarding the creation of “Silk way” National committee with the headquarters in Kazan.  

Mintimer Shaimiev said that the issue should be discussed at All-Russia meeting  “Russia in the world’s cultural and natural heritage” that will be held with the participation of Russian Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky in Kazan on October 27-28.

Tatarstan President's press office