Chronicle of events

Mintimer Shaimiev takes part in the Immortal Regiment event

On May 9, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov took part in the Immortal Regiment event organized in Kazan.

Tatarstan State Counsellor Mintimer Shaimiev, Chairman of the regional State Council Farid Mukhametshin, Tatarstan Prime Minister Aleksey Pesoshin, heads of regional ministries and agencies, representatives of various public organizations and ordinary citizens took part in the event.

Minnikhanov led the Immportal Regiment march on the Freedom Square holding a portrait of his uncle from his father’s side – Minnikhanov Galimzyan, who went up the front lines when he was 19 years and fought with the 359th Rifle Regiment. He was killed in fierce battles near Moscow on December 15, 1941.

Shaimiev held a portrait of his father Shaimiev Sharip, who was seriously wounded in battles near Moscow and was invalided out in 1942. Then, Sharip Shaimiev worked as a chairman of the collective farm in Aktanysh region for 25 years.

Traditionally, the participants of the event held portraits of their relatives, who took part in the Great Patriotic War. Apart from Kazan, the Immortal Regiment event was organized in all cities and regions of the republic.

Tatarstan President's Press Office