Chronicle of events

Mintimer Shaimiev expresses gratitude for condolences in connection with the death of his wife Sakina Shaimieva

"Dear friends!

I these mournful days for our family, we have received hundreds of telegrams of condolences on the death of Sakina Shakirovna from our friends and from people who do not know our family personally - from all over the republic, from many parts of Russia, near and far abroad. We know that many warm memories and sincere words were said about Sakin Shakirovna in the media and social networks. She loved people, tried to do good, and very much appreciated good attitude towards her from Tatarstan citizens.

From the bottom of our hearts, we express our profound gratitude for your attention, sympathy and support.

We wish you all health and well-being. Take care of your family members and close ones.

Mintimer Shaimiev."