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Mintimer Shaimiev and Audrey Azoulay welcome participants of the All-Russian Congress of UNESCO Chairs

On March 7, in the Kazan City hall, Tatarstan State Counsellor, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Revival Regional Foundation, UNESCO Special Envoy for intercultural dialogue Mintimer Shaimiev and Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Audrey Azoulay took part in the plenary session of the All-Russian Congress of UNESCO Chairs held these days in Kazan.

In his welcoming speech, Shaimiev thanked Azoulay for visiting Tatarstan during her short visit to Russia.

He emphasized that the dialogue on education, science and culture between the structures of UNESCO and Tatarstan is developing successfully, namely, new cooperation relationships are appearing and joint educational and cultural events are being held.

Shaimiev also noted that the UNESCO Chairs in Russia are playing an increasingly important role in the exchange of experience, knowledge and information relating to higher education and the development of science. The network of UNESCO Chairs gains best practices and contributes to its widespread for sustainable development. 

Tatarstan State Counsellor shared new plans and projects of the Revival Regional Foundation in education with the participants of the congress.

Shaimiev also expressed confidence that the Congress will become an efficient venue for the exchange of experience in Russian and foreign education, and joining our efforts will contribute to the development of quality education throughout the world, he added.

Azoulay said that she was happy to be in Kazan, in Tatarstan, and this is not by chance, because Tatarstan is actively involved in the activities of UNESCO. 

She also briefed on the history of establishment, mission and some aspects of the UNESCO activities in the development of education, culture and communications, and emphasized that it requires a multidisciplinary approach and the contribution of many researchers.

She thanked the Russian Federation, the Commission of Russia for UNESCO, the Republic of Tatarstan the Revival Regional Foundation and the University of Management TISBI for supporting different activities of UNESCO.

Tatarstan President's Press Office.

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