Chronicle of events

Mintimer Shaimiev has met with Turkish Consul General in Kazan Ahmet Ergin

January 15, Tatarstan President Mintimer Shaimiev received Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Kazan Ahmet Ergin in his official residence at the Kazan Kremlin.
Ahmet Ergin entered office as Consul General of Turkey in Kazan a month ago on December 15, 2007. He was born in 1970 in London, graduated the Faculty of Economics and Law of Bilkent University, held diplomatic position in Turkmenistan, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina, served as First Secretary of the Turkish Embassy in Russia from 2003 to 2006.
The President of Tatarstan underlined at the meeting that a sound foundation for bilateral contacts has been laid since the Consulate General of Turkey in Kazan opened in 1994. “With such understanding we have everything to develop our cooperation deeper and broader in all spheres without exceptions”, Mintimer Shaimiev marked. He also said that Turkey and Russia established very good partnership in recent years. “It is no doubt that we should use these favourable conditions to further promote cooperation with a brotherly Turkey. The fact that the turnover of the last year between Turkey and Tatarstan will exceed $1 mln speaks volumes”. Mintimer Shaimiev also marked the importance of preparations of events that are to be held this year in Kazan as part of the Year of Turkish Culture in the Russian Federation.
Chief of Staff of the RT President Yuri Kamaltynov, Deputy Prime-minister – Minister of Culture Zilya Valeyeva, Minister of Industry and Trade Aleksander Kogogin, Representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Kazan Radik Vakhitov and other officials attended the meeting.

January 15, 2008.