Chronicle of events

Mintimer Shaimiev pays a working visit to Bolgar

On April 19, Tatarstan State Counsellor, Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Revival Regional Foundation Mintimer Shaimiev visited constructions sites of the Bolgar Islamic Academy and the Kul Gali Hotel, where he held a field meeting.

Director General of Tatinvestgrazhdanproekt Adel Khusnutdinov and Head of the contract organization – Director General of Gran Company Leonid Anisimov reported on the progress of work at both sites.

To date, the building of the Bolgar Islamic Academy is in the highest degree of construction readiness, finishing works are being completed.

The construction of the Kul Gali hotel is also proceeding well, according to the schedule. The unique building of the bath complex, the analogue of the White Chamberm, a historical site of the 19th century, is taking shape.

Summing up the meeting, Shaimiev noted: "The most important thing is that everything goes according to the plan, there are no schedule delays, finishing works are underway. There are some issues that need to be sped up. Works at the Bolgar Islamic Academy are nearly completed. I believe that it is very important that future owners of the Academy are present here at the moment, so that after completion of finishing works nothing needs to be changed. I think that by the annual celebration of the Day of the official adoption of Islam in Bolgar our guests will see an almost ready building. I say "almost", because the commissioning of the building is planned by the 1st of September, by the beginning of the academic year. The commissioning of the Kul Gali hotel complex is planned for the next year. There is a lot of work that requires coordination, especially regarding the creation of proper conditions in accordance with the high level of the hotel. In this and in the coming years, there is a very large amount of work to be done. We are building such a facility with a historical component - the bath complex, being built based on the model of the ancient historical monument, for the first time. Our team of specialists and builders is able to do this and to make a good gift to the Bolgar land next year. "

Tatarstan President's Press Office