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Tatarstan State Counsellor Mintimer Shaimiev: Tatarstan and Iran have great opportunities for cultural and humanitarian cooperation

On July 7, at the Kazan Kremlin, Tatarstan State Counsellor Mintimer Shaimiev had a meeting with members of the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran led by Iranian President's Special Adviser for Religious and Ethnic Minorities' Affairs Ali Younesi.

Shaimiev briefly told the guests about the activities of the Regional Foundation of Revival of Historical and Cultural Monuments of Tatarstan, including new projects implemented in the republic with the assistance of the Foundation such as the construction of the Bolgar Islamic Academy and the reconstruction of the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.

Tatarstan and Iran have great opportunities for cultural, humanitarian and economic cooperation, Shaimiev said.

"Your country has great potential for development and growth. I realized that during my visit to Iran in 1996," he continued.

In his turn, Ali Younesi thanked Shaimiev for the warm and cordial welcome extended to the Iranian delegation in Russia in general and in Tatarstan in particular.

"You touched upon very interesting moments in the relationship between Russia and Iran," he said referring to Shaimiev.

During the meeting, issues of interaction in educational and scientific spheres were also discussed. In particular, it was noted that this year it is planned to send about 400 Iranian students to Kazan to study at universities.

Tatarstan President's Press Office, Elena Britvina

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