The State Counselor of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiyev took part in unveiling to Vasliy Likhachev memorial plaque

5 January 2022, Wednesday

On January 6 the State Counselor of the Republic of Tatarstan Mintimer Sjaymiyev, the Chairman of the regional State Council Farid Mukhametshin, members and old stagers of the State Council and representatives of the community took part in a ceremony of unveiling the memorial plaque to Vasiliy Likhachev, who was a well-known state and public leader of Tatarstan and Russia. The ceremony was dedicated to Likhachev’s 70-th anniversary and the plaque was hugh up on the wall of a house where he lived.

Speaking at the ceremony, Shaymiyev mention a huge contribution of Likhachev into strengthening and development of the modern Tatarstan statehood. “During the most difficult 90-es he was among those who provided stable and peaceful development of our republic” – he said. “He gave all his knowledge and pracfical experience go serve people of Tatarstan and its flourishing. It is impossible to overestimate his role in development of main documents of building modern Tatarstan statehood. We should be proud of having such a person among us”, Shaymiyev concluded. .

Farid Mukhametshin stressed the important role Likhachev plaid in the development of Tatarstan parliamentarism and Russian federalism. "It is impossible to imagine modern history of our republic without Likhachev, who left a large footprint in its chronicles,” he said. Likhachev became the first and only Vice-President of Tatarstan, he was a member of the State Duma and the Federation Council, a member of the Central election Committee and represented interests of Russia in Brussels. He was one of founders of State Council of Tatarstan and presided it in a difficult period of the life of the republic – when it was searching its own way of development, compromises and developing new federalism,” Mukhamethsin added.

Other participant of the ceremony also shared their memories about Likhachev.  

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