Mintimer Shaimiev speaks at the General Meeting of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO

20 December 2022, Tuesday

On 20 December Tatarstan State Counselor Mintimer Shaimiev, who is the member of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO and the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Inter-cultural Dialogue, took part in a meeting of the Commission held by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov in Moscow.

Speaking at the meeting, Sergey Lavrov told about results of work for the previous period, mentioning in particular the international forum dedicated to the 50 years of the Convention for Protection of the world cultural and natural heritage held in St-Petersburg and Kazan. “Delegations from 56 countries of the CIS, Africa, Asia and Latin America, including ministers from these states, took part in it (forum). The event has become the largest and the most representative international event of the jubilee year of this Convention,” he said.

In his speech Mintimer Shaimiev stressed that the current year was anything but simple for our country and reminded that in 2021 Russia was elected the Chairman of the Committee and in June this year Tatarstan was supposed to host the 45th sessions of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

“Despite all efforts of the West to cancel the session in Russia, St Petersburg and Kazan hosted a large scale international forum dedicated to the 50 years of the Convention for Protection of the world cultural and natural heritage. Its participants from 60 countries highly assessed this event and contribution of the Russian Federation into preservation of the world heritage of the humankind”, he said.

He informed participants of the meeting about main topics discussed at the Forum and stated that already in 2012 Tatarstan organized a session of the World Heritage Committee Youth Model. Later UNECO brought this event into service and it has become an inseparable part of all regular Committee sessions.

Mintimer Shaimiev told that the Kazan Forum organized two youth events, namely the International conference for young specialists in the World heritage younger than 35 years and the World Heritage Committee Model for schoolchildren “which for the first time was held at the Tatarstan innovative multi-lingual educational complex of Adymnar – way to knowledge and concord built on the concept of broad cooperation and mutual understanding by studying native and English languages”.

Tatarstan State Counselor continued: “We are highly grateful to the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO for awarding the Adymnar School in Kazan a status of the UNESCO Associated School that made it a part of this world network. We hope that the organized events will help our children understand the importance of preservation of cultural and historical treasure for passing it to future generations”.

“It is a great honor for us that this Forum with a mighty unifying agenda was held in Tatarstan which attaches great attention to preservation of historical and cultural monuments, three of which are inscribed into the UNESCO List”, Mintimer Shaimiev said.

In conclusion he stated: ”Tangible heritage is inseparable from our spiritual heritage. Due to profound research of the Great Bolgar it has been proved that 1100 years ago this land voluntarily adopted Islam. On behalf of all Tatarstan residents and its Government we express our cordial gratitude to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Government of the country, the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, and ministries and departments for their support and warm congratulations with this historical event”.

“Tatarstan will continue its comprehensive work in preservation and promotion of the heritage at the international level and will take part in the UNESCO programme work. The republic is also open for cooperation in this sphere with other entities of our country”, he concluded.

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