Mintimer Shaimiev and Alisher Usmanov visit Bolgar historical and archeological complex

19 July 2014, Saturday

On July 19, Tatarstan State Counsellor, Chairman of Revival Foundation Trustees Board Mintimer Shaimiev, and President of International Fencing Federation, a famous Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov visited Bolgar historical and archeological complex, UNESCO World Heritage site.

The first object visited by Alisher Usmanov was the White Mosque that opened two years ago. The Mosque was built at the expense of philanthropists, one of which was Alisher Usmanov, who made a donation of 650 million roubles. He could not attend the opening ceremony on June 10, 2012.

Sharing his impressions today, Alisher Usmanov said: “Mintimer Shaimiev has always had good ideas. It is a very beautiful mosque. I am proud that I was involved in this project. Thank you very much.”

Mintimer Shaimiev noted that Alisher Usmanov wanted to cover all expenses, but there were other people willing to make donations for construction of the mosque. Mintimer Shaimiev thanked Alisher Usmanov for his great contribution.

Alisher Usmanov and Mintimer Shaimiev also visited the complex “Sacred spring “The Well of sakhab Gabdrakhman”, natural and historical monument located on a picturesque bank of the Volga River, Khan’s Palace, Cathedral Mosque, North Mausoleum, River station and Museum of Bolgar civilization. Alisher Usmanov and Mintimer Shaimiev talked to tourists, who came from Tatarstan and other Russian regions.

The businessman told journalists about his impressions:
“I am so impressed. Sometimes we live in the present or talk about future. But when you visit such places you realize that the meaning of life is in the past, and understanding that you have to preserve it for future generations. Everything that has been done here is not unique, not superb, but vital for people living in Tatarstan and Russia. I believe that future generations will be grateful to Mintimer Shaimiev and Rustam Minnikhanov for making history accessible for them. It is the most important thing I have felt here.”
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