Mintimer Shaimiev holds a meeting on design and construction of the facilities of the first multilingual educational complex

7 October 2019, Monday

On October 7, in the Kazan Kremlin, Tatarstan State Counsellor, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Revival Regional Foundation Mintimer Shaimiev held a meeting on design and construction of the first multilingual educational complex "Adymnar - the path to knowledge and harmony" in Kazan.

At the beginning of the meeting, Shaimiev emphasized that a recent visit to the facilities of the complex showed that today the construction is on schedule.

The meeting focused on the consideration of issues and new proposals for the design and construction of complex facilities arising during the work.

Tatarstan Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing and Utilities Irek Faizullin reported the construction of the school on Bondarenko Street and the bilingual school on Bichurin Street.

Deputy Prime Minister of the republic – Tatarstan Minister of Education and Science Rafis Burganov informed the meeting participants about the formation process of the first multilingual educational complex and its structure, in particular, an elementary school for 600 schoolchildren (the reconstructed building of Secondary School № 165 on Bichurin Street, a bilingual school for 800 schoolchildren, an extension to the same school), a multilingual school for 1224 schoolchildren on Bondarenko Street and a boarding school for 240 schoolchildren on the same street, a year-round out-of-town Centre for Additional  Education in Arsk region of the republic. Multilingual kindergartens, as separate legal entities, will work in cooperation with the multilingual educational complex.

Deputy Chairman of State Counsellor of the republic, Executive Director of Revival Foundation Tatyana Larionova, Deputy Chief of Staff of Tatarstan President– Head of the Secretariat of the State Counsellor of Tatarstan Oleg Glebov, Director of school № 165 Aidar Schamsutdinov and other officials took part in the meeting.

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