An exposition dedicated to the 85-th birthday of Mintimer Shaymiyev “Instants. Years. Epoch” has opened in Kazan

19 January 2022, Wednesday

Today (on 19 January) a photo exhibition “Instants. Years. Epoch”, dedicated to the 85-th birthday of Mintimer Shaymiyev, the First President of Tatarstan and current State Counselor of the republic, has opened in the National Arts Gallery in the Kazan Kremlin.

Many unique photos showing the years of the emerging of the state are represented at the exhibition. In addition the pictures of historical events are exhibited side by side with photos showing Mintimer Shaymiyev at his leisure time.

After looking around the exhibition, the State Counselor admitted that he saw some of the photos for the first time. “It seems just an ordinary exhibition, but when you start thinking about it…Our life is our work. So many things are so true-to life. It is a very interesting exposition” – he said about his impressions.

The head of the Tatarstan President’s Press Office Liliya Galimova said that at the exhibition “one can immerse oneself into the epoch which Minitmer Sharipovich has become a synonym for”.

She stressed that visitors of the exhibition “literally have a possibility to look into a personal photo album of Mintimer Shymieyv”.

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