Mintimer Shaimiev fulfills New Year wishes of Zifa Valiyeva and Azalia Murtazina

28 December 2022, Wednesday

Tatarstan State Counselor Mintimer Shaimiev has taken part in the All-Russia charity action of “the Christmas tree of Wishes” be fulfilling New Year wishes of Zifa Valiyeva and Azalia Murtazina after he took a card with their wishes from the Christmas tree at the Korston Recreation Center in Kazan on 21 December.

Zifa Valiyeva, who studies at the third grade at a school in Arsk region, was dreaming of attending the Regional Christmas Tree Holiday held in Kazan every year and Mintimer Shaimiev gave her the holiday ticket, sweets and books in Tatar language including a large book of Tatar fairy tales.

Azalia Murtazina, a 7th grade school girl wants to become a canine handler so by the request of Mintimer Shaimiev she was invited to visit the Ak Bars base of the Russian National Guard department in Tatarstan. Azalia was told about the work of the base, shown how the dog handlers work with dogs and taught some skills of interaction with a dog.

On behalf of Mintimer Shaimiev, the Deputy Head of the Tatarstan President’s Office Oleg Glebov, who is also the Head of the State Counselor’s Secretariat, gave Azalia books by Gabdulla Tukay and Tatar proverbs in Tatar language.

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