New Year Address of the Republic of Tatarstan PresidentMintimer Sh. Shaimiev

31 December 2009, Thursday
Good evening, dear Tatarstanians!

Another year of the new Millennium is over – the year that brought us plenty of hustle and bustle, mainly related to the consequences of the world financial crisis. It reminded us of the interrelatedness of the world economy, with events in any one place being able to affect the conomy of other nations as well.

The main achievement of the year of 2009 is that we managed to pass the lowest point of the crisis without serious repercussions in the social sphere.

Joint efforts of federal and republican level government authorities provided support to key enterprises and strengthened the banking systems. Main programs of social development are continued: families continue moving into new apartments obtained on the social mortgage scheme, birth-rates are growing, significant investments are made into capital repair of housing and road construction. Despite difficult weather conditions, our rural area workers grew good harvest. Russia's largest Taneko refinery complex being erected in Tatarstan will allow for significant regional budget growth in a few years.

The republic has supplemental possibilities due to transformation of Kazan State University into a Federal university, and our Technical University – into National Research University. Quality education is the requirement for success in new times, a must-have to be competitive.

Development of the republic's complex education system reform program, as well as proclaiming 2010 in the Russian Federation as the year of the Teacher, are both directed at reviving traditions of deep respect to the Teacher profession.

Financiallu and economically the coming year will not be an easy one. The well-being of the republic and its population directly depends on the ability of each and every one of us being creative in finding most effective ways for our efforts.

The elections into the State Council of the republic actively supported by the citizens provide good ground for the municipal elections in 2010. We need have qualified elected authorities for local self-government as well.

Tatarstan's experience of tolerance and inter-ethnic concord is gaining importance in modern times. In 2010, we will go through another all-Russian population census, which has special importance for a multi-ethnic Tatarstan.

The coming year will also mark the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory. This festival celebrates inter-generational continuity of the Motherland patriots. It's very important that our veterans feels everyone's attention and real support in resolving daily life issues. An important step in this direction is a significant increase in pensions that is planned throughout the country.

Another jubilee we'll mark in May of the coming year is 90th anniversary of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic establishment.

2009 was a year of Sports and healthy life styles. Kazan welcomed participants and guests of the First all-Russian forum «Russia — the country of sports». We can be happy with good preparation for the 2013 Universiade. «Rubin» earned gold of the Russian soccer championship second time in a row, «Ak bars» hockey players brought us joy of Gagarin cup victory. Our teams in other types of sports show good results as well.

Tatarstan lived through another complex and intensive year together with all of the country. I thank all who brought their share into keeping stability and further development of our republic.

Dear friends!

I wish you sound health and well-being.

Happy New Year 2010, dear Tatarstanians!

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