Mintimer Shaimiev: "Kazan is now called Russia’s third capital not by chance"

27 August 2010, Friday
Tatarstan State Counselor Mintimer Shaimiev’s article has been published in the newspaper Respublica Tatarstan on the threshold of celebrating the Day of the Republic.

“Tatarstan celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Day of the Republic on August 30. I’m not mistaken saying that it is one of the most remarkable holidays of our multi-ethnic people. The way to this event was not simple and we underwent it with dignity,” the first president of Tatarstan believes.

From his point of view, this year is remarkable for celebrating the 90th anniversary of Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialistic Republic formation. It would be wrong to speak ill of the Soviet period. Many achievements of those years provided the basis for the modern economy and cultural life of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Oil production and oil refining are now leading industries in the republican economy. Petrochemical and chemical enterprises have appeared on the basis of these industries. Aircraft building industry and multiple machine-building enterprises appeared. Kamaz has become the country’s leading enterprise and still holds this position in the 21st century. Tatarstan, which used to be a semi-agricultural republic, now is an industrial region.

Tatarstan State Counselor pointed out our capital’s victory in the bid for the right to host the 27th World Summer Universiade, which demonstrated the development level of Tatarstan and recognition of its sports achievements.

“As a result of measures taken in politics, economy, social field and culture, Tatarstan has become one of the most rapidly developing territories of the Russian Federation,” Mintimer Shaimiev stated.

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