Mintimer Shaymiev holds a meeting on the establishment of the Supplementary Education Centre for multilingual educational complexes in Kazan

29 June 2020, Monday

On June 29, at the former Plamya children’s recreation camp, Tatarstan State Counsellor, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Revival Regional Foundation Mintimer Shaymiev held a meeting on the construction and reconstruction of the facilities of Supplementary Education Centre of the multilingual educational complex "Adymnar - the path to knowledge and harmony" in Kazan.

Since February 2019, the Revival Regional Foundation together with Tatarstan Ministry of Education and Science with the support of the Ministry of Education of Russia launched a project on the establishment of six multilingual educational complexes, which include kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, Country supplementary education centres.

The meeting was held at the children's recreation camp, which will henceforth be called the "Supplementary education centre of the multilingual educational complex "Adymnar - the path to knowledge and harmony". Students of two complexes, established at the secondary school № 165 and lyceum № 121 in Kazan, will attend this centre.

Currently, two 60-bed dormitories are under construction, existing buildings are being reconstructed for educational facilities.

The activities of the Centre will be aimed not only at organizing children's recreation and rehabilitation, but also at unlocking the potential of students of multilingual complexes, developing their abilities in art, sports, technical creativity, scientific and humanitarian disciplines and developing and strengthening physical health.

The meeting discussed some issues related to the laying of external water supply and drainage networks, connection to telecommunication networks, etc.

Deputy Chairman of the State Council, Executive Director of Revival Foundation Tatyana Larionova, Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin, Deputy Chief of Staff of Tatarstan President’s Administration Oleg Glebov, Tatarstan Minister of Construction, Architecture and Utilities Farit Khanifov and other officials took part in the meeting.

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