Mintimer Shaymiev: The first complex is our first step

23 June 2020, Tuesday

On June 23, Tatarstan State Counsellor, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Revival Regional Foundation Mintimer Shaymiev held a retreat on construction of the first multilingual educational complex “Adymnar – the pathway to knowledge and harmony” in Kazan.

Shaymiev and meeting participants got acquainted with the reconstruction process of the building of Secondary School № 165 on Bichurin Street and the construction of a bilingual school for 800 students of 5-11 grades, which is being completed. This school includes: a canteen with a dining room with a capacity of 400 places, a swimming pool, a gym, wardrobes, workshops on the 1st floor, an assembly hall for 500 people, study rooms, a library on the 2nd floor and study rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors. The total area of ​​the building is about 14,000 square meters.

Reconstruction of the old building is underway. After the capital repair there will be an elementary school with the capacity of 400 students.

Then, in one of the future classrooms, a meeting on the discussion of issues requiring an urgent solution was held.

Shaymiev emphasized that by September 1 of the current year, it is planned to commission three buildings - three schools: the reconstructed elementary school, a new bilingual school on Bichurin Street and a multilingual school on Bondarenko Street, all together, including kindergartens and a country supplementary education centre, they establish the first multilingual educational complex “Adymnar - the path to knowledge and harmony” in the republic. “The first complex is our first step towards a new form of education, therefore a lot depends on our work today, it will determine the approaches to education development in the future. Changes in the education system are inevitable, dictated by time, the openness of the world, and we shall give our children the opportunity to be competitive. This historic moment is in our hands. The amount of work at the complex is enormous, but we must complete it on time, even in the pandemic. It must be done well that everyone can be proud, because it is for our children,” Tatarstan State Counsellor emphasized. He thanked Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin for the full support and efficient of the city administration in resolving emerging issues on construction.

Metshin thanked all the participants of the project and emphasized that, in addition to construction of an excellent school, a lot of necessary and important work are being done for residents of the capital and its surroundings to improve travel conditions, etc.

Director of Secondary School № 165 Aydar Shamsutdinov introduced a new project, initiated by Kazan Mayor “Growing together – Bergә уsәbez”, which envisages the establishment of a microcloning laboratory at the Bondarenko Street campus: Growing tree seedlings in a short time.

The project, developed by Kazan Education Department, is aimed at involving children in the conservation and restoration of urban forests and trees planting in the courtyard and school areas.

Deputy Chairman of the State Council, Executive Director of Revival Foundation Tatyana Larionova, Deputy Prime Minister of the republic – Tatarstan Minister of Education and Science Rafis Burganov, Deputy Chief of Staff of Tatarstan President’s Administration Oleg Glebov, Tatarstan Minister of Construction, Architecture and Utilities Farit Khanifov and other officials took part in the meeting.

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